We Can Help Design, Wire & Install Your New System

So you are building a new home! We understand how complicated the home building process can be, so our associates work hard to make sure the low voltage system is done right from start to finish. We work with both the builder and the home owner to make sure that everyone is on the same page and the plans from the blue prints get implemented into the structure without any confusion. There are a few simple steps that we follow with all of our new construction jobs.

Step 1 Look over the blue prints

As soon as you have your blue prints for the building project, contact an associate from Sound Ideas to schedule a face to face meeting. The meeting place is flexible, you may come and sit down at a comfortable conference table at the SI location, or an associate can meet you at the job site, it is your choice. During the meeting the associate will ask you a series of lifestyle questions so that he can accurately advise you on a system that would be practical for you.

Step 2 Putting it on Paper

After the meeting the associate will prepare for you a line item proposal detailing all of the cost associated with what was agreed upon during the meeting. You can expect a prompt response and easy to understand project plan. Once you feel totally comfortable with the proposal, the work will begin. This whole process is pressure free and more of an education time. This can also be a very exciting time as you begin to discover all of the advancements in technology and how these advancements can be practically implemented into your home to improve the quality of your lifestyle.

Step 3 Doing the prewire

SI does not use contractors for the prewire, but we have in house custom installers that handle all of our wiring. What does that mean for you? That means that there will be no confusion and your new construction work will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Every detail of the job will be carefully examined by our custom installers as they are on the site, in addition to the associate that met with you. The installers will complete the prewire with a firm confidence in the future installation of all of your low voltage system.

Step 4 Installing and Training

SI does not stop with wiring, as we will walk with you until you are moved into your home and comfortable operating your system. We will coordinate with your builder and electricians to make sure the color schemes match, completion time is on schedule and the budget is met. After you are moved in we will spend as much time as you need training you on how to use your system and troubleshooting any unresolved issues. If three months later you forget how to operate something, just give us a call and we will be right there with the same excellent customer service that won you over in the beginning.

Contact a SIPro to help you build your home networking system.

Networking & WiFi

We offer full network & WiFi trouble shooting. Let our experts make sure your system is running at optimal speeed. For more examples and information please contact us for a professional consultation.

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We can discuss all your lighting options and install the perfect lighting system for your needs.