4K HD Home Theater Desgin & Installation

We have designed every type of theater room possible, from a fully dedicated theater room to a multi-purpose room that can transform into a theater room. How? Here are a few situations we have ran into over the years and some ways we have solved them.


  1. I want a movie theater experience, but I still want to have a multi-purpose room.
  2. I want to create a theater room, but I don't have a blank wall where I can hang a screen.
  3. I want to create a theater room, but I don't want to see a projector hanging from the ceiling.


Let Sound Ideas create and customize a unique home theater experience for you.

At Sound Ideas we can help you create a multi-purpose room that will convert into a home theater. Our experienced sales and install teams can work with you to create your ideal environment. Imagine touching a button on a remote and watching your lights dim, a screen drop down into position and a movie begin to play. With our custom home theaters you can stop imagining and start enjoying!

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