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The world we live in today has us all connected to the internet. Whether we use it to get an email or stream a movie, having a networked home is almost a must. So you just call up the cable company or phone company and get internet service, right?


It is correct that you will need to get them to provide service to your home but the free equipment that they use for internet in your home is not sufficient when it comes to having an excellent wireless signal across your entire home. Also, they lack the knowledge and expertise when it comes to multi-streaming and remote access settings which most new homes are needing these days.

The average American family size consists of 4 people. Your internet not only needs to be fast, but also stable and reliable. The phone company and cable company are only responsible for the service to the house but not the network inside your home. This is where we can help.

At SI we use software in your home to point out week spots and determine where wireless access points (WAP's) need to be installed. We then configure a handshaking network that allows you to move from wireless zone to wireless zone in your home with excellent signal strength.

This network is also enterprise grade, therefore it is very secure and robust. This allows us to protect your home's security system, home automation system, etc.

Contact a SIpro to help you build your home networking system.



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